The Uplift Effect Podcast

The Uplift Effect Podcast

Hosted by: Jill Falling

Hosted by a grief and trauma therapist, Jill Falling—The Uplift Effect is about all things that make this journey in life a bit easier and providing you what I wish I had when I was a younger Mother. We dive into...


Sports and The Parenting PlayBook: 15 Life Lessons I've Used To Raise My Kids On and Off The Field

Season #1 Episode #26

Before you decide all parents use sports inappropriately with their kids...listen to these 15 life lessons I believe are critical for a child's maturity and have found great success in using real time experiences on...
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Where Are The Parents? The Unpopular Conversation of Personal Responsibility.

Season #1 Episode #25

Parents,This will be the most important episode you may ever hear on this podcast...from the first word to the last. Do not skip it!Where to find me:[email protected]:
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So Your Kid Won't Cooperate? How to Implement Change That Works: A Mom's Group Coaching Session

Season #1 Episode #24

If you are struggling with your children's behavior, this is a DO NOT MISS EPISODE!I play back a previous session I did in my Mom's group so you will hear a live (with all the things that come with that, ugh) coaching...
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Vulnerable Moments for Children During Separation/Divorce

Season #1 Episode #23

We as parents can get so wrapped up in our own experiences/emotions/circumstances and fail to recognize how events are perceived so differently from the perspective of our children. Separation and divorce are a...
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"Mom, I Need Help."--The Nicky Espinosa story

Season #1 Episode #22

Mom's, particularly working Mom's, can struggle with many things...guilt, exhaustion, fear, being spread so thin, etc. And when you have a career that takes you away from home, it's particularly tough to juggle all...
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Parenting and the "Why Does That Matter" Test

Season #1 Episode #21

This one is important to me... have you ever thought you'd like to parent differently than you were parented? Have you wondered why you aren't truly enjoying parenting like you thought you would? Have you felt...
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Interview with Johnna Grimes from Babbles Nonsense Podcast (laughter, trauma, life coaching, and all the things)

Season #1 Episode #20

This was a blast!Johnna Grimes allows me to dig deep and ask some of the hard questions about her past, how it influences her life day to day and everything in between. We are silly and yet get down to a point of an...
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First Date Red Flags and How I Learned (the hard way) To Go With My Gut

Season #1 Episode #19

This one's a bit different will rarely hear me make reference to my dating life (wink), but for this one time, I take you on a first date I went on years ago and what I learned about first impressions, red...
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They Won't Talk! Steps That'll Turn Your Teens Silence Into Conversation.

Season #1 Episode #18

Struggling with your preteen/teen in the silence war? Wondering what happened to that chatty, bubbly kid that once loved watching your favorite shows together at to barely get acknowledged with a nod when...
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Two Words I Bet Aren't In Your Vocabulary and Need To Be ASAP

Season #1 Episode #17

Have you ever struggled with perfectionism?Was there ever a time where you wouldn't attempt something unless you were sure it could be done perfectly?I'll go's all in this episode.You'll laugh and think...
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Why You Need the Dance on the Coastline

Season #1 Episode #16

This episode is my chronicle from a weeks worth of watching the coastline at the beach this past week.It gives--It takes away.There's a dance that offers hope for the hurting and broken.But there is also a powerful...
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A Field Trip To The Bookstore: Coparenting and Step-Parenting...3 Things You Must Remember

Season #1 Episode #15

I feel like the topic of this episode is one in which will be a frequent here on this podcast. I took a little field trip to the local bookstore and left with a sadness I can't shake. Furthermore, the numbers don't...
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