The Uplift Effect Podcast

The Uplift Effect Podcast

Hosted by: Jill Falling

Hosted by a grief and trauma therapist, Jill Falling—The Uplift Effect is about all things that make this journey in life a bit easier and providing you what I wish I had when I was a younger Mother. We dive into...


What Coaches, Parents and Educators Must Not Forget In Order To Be Effective

Season #1 Episode #38

This episode was a bit tough... what to say, what not to say.And why have I been MIA the past few weeks? I've been navigating our own life, one of which has been a bit bumpy as of late. And honestly, it's been...
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My Son Ramiro: His Words About Sports and Life

Season #1 Episode #37

This may go down as one of my favorites- I interview my second son, Ramiro.We talk about coaches who have made a difference in his life, how discipline stands out on game day and what it's been like to grow up in a...
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Joe Martin- How Sports Impacted His Life and The 5 Most Important Words You Can Tell Your Child After A Game!

Season #1 Episode #36

Thanks to Joe Martin from the Huntsville Bootcamp for sharing parts of his story with us today... he is funny, insightful, and has an incredible perspective to share!Ladies, he has generously given you ONE FREE MONTH ...
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Your Words Matter- If we could be more like Mrs. Redding and Mrs. Jacobson.

Season #1 Episode #35

If you are roughly in your 40’s, you may remember how reports cards looked- far different than today. They had a personal touch involved that made a big difference in how I saw myself and what I believed about those...
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The Price Kids Pay When Coached To Win At All Costs: True stories of what is being taught on the playing field

Season #1 Episode #34

If you are a parent who has children playing sports...there are many episodes coming that will be important for you as you help your kids on and off the field! I love sports and I have found it to be an incredible...
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So How Are You Really Doing? Remaining Resilient For the Long Haul.

Season #1 Episode #33

Today's episode is all about how you can answer the "So how are you doing?" with a "I'm doing well, and how are you?" and do so honestly. Thank goodness most don't ask "How are you really doing?" because that's a...
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How I'm Talking To My Kids About Afghanistan and Other Current Issues In Our Country

Season #1 Episode #32

This is not a political conversation, this is a leaderships conversation. Regardless of your position on any of the current (and multiple) issues we face right thing is true... Leadership skills are needed...
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Good Grief Parenting with Michele Benyo

Season #1 Episode #31

That's not a misprint, there is such a thing as "good grieving"... Michele Benyo and I talk through some really important ways we can walk through grief and how to parent our children through grief and loss in a way...
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Parent Like A Farmer- Sowing and Reaping

Season #1 Episode #30

Today's episode is inspired by a chapter in Pat Combs book, "More Than The Score- How Parents And Coaches Can Cultivate Virtue In Youth Athletes." Farming and parenting have so much in common and I think there are...
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What Is The Best Advice To Developing Relationships With Your Children?

Season #1 Episode #29

In this episode you will hear my opinion on what I have found, and has been proven in parent/child research, to be a fundamental part of building a strong relationship  with your child. I share today how I've...
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The Yates: A Couple Who Saved Their Marriage By Finding What Did Work!

Season #1 Episode #28

Karen Yates:FB- couple candidly shares their story of a marriage barely holding on-- to now having a relationship that is thriving and helping other couples do the...
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I'm back and here's where I've been!

Season #1 Episode #27

The Chaos To Calm Parenting AcademyRegister for free -- https://www.thechaostocalm.comIf you missed some of the interviews, no worries I got you- sign up for the VIP ALL ACCESS PASS and at the end of the summit, I...
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