#47: My Most Powerful Secret In Building Relationships With My Kids

Season #1

Today I share one of the single most powerful things you can do as a parent to develop and grow your relationship with your children. I will tell you that it seems a bit simplistic but my experience is parent's get caught up in so many other things, this powerful tool gets overlooked.

Chaos to Confidence Parenting Academy Mini-Series...releasing the first of April!!! I am so excited to provide you a framework that can be used for any family. As I've worked with families, I've discovered an overwhelming number of parents who use "winging it" as their go-to parenting approach. I want to advocate for a framework that will keep you out of decision fatigue parenting, help you get clear on what you want to do as a parent and how to do it! This is about planning and being intentional because we know what happens when we do neither of those things...nothing. I'm super excited to share with you my brand new website (and it's still under construction) that will house all the places The Uplift Effect shows up in the world.

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