A life of "Addition by Subtraction"

mom life self-management Mar 25, 2023
What keeps you grounded and firmly planted in the here and now?

What allows you to feel your own heart rate, calms your soul and helps you focus on what truly is important to you?

Do you even know? 

One of the greatest gifts I've ever given myself- was myself! Read that again, it's important!


Becoming more honest with who I truly was, being steadfast in how I wanted to show up for my kids, getting clear in what I believed, and trusting the math of "addition by subtraction"- what added to my life stayed, the rest had to wait or was eliminated. The byproduct of this work meant I would be here at the river more often, consistently running the dirt trails in the mountains, and regularly at sunrises/sunsets. This is what I've also learned: 1) when I'm not doing these things, it shows and 2) the things I subtracted from my life added to my quality of life. 

If I could say anything about how to remain balanced and grounded in these days of unimaginable division, hatred, confusion, and all the things we see unfolding...I would say this- stay close to that which keeps you connected to yourself. 

An antidote for division is connection. As the world divides, we can choose to stay close to that which keeps us connected. Division creates deep internal confusion and the mental health numbers speak loudly on the outcomes thereafter. 

So here's my plea- begin a journey of discovering what lowers your heart rate, what calms your mind and enables you to hear yourself think and/or feel... 

You just might discover things you've been trying to say but couldn't in the midst of all the noise. 

And then stay in that place as long as you possibly can!

(originally written Aug. 21, 2021)

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