Your 5 = Your Future

leadership and professional development personal development Oct 05, 2023

They say numbers don't lie and math is black and white.

"You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with."-John Rohn

These are words you've heard before and you've likely been told, "show me your friends, I'll show you your future." So here's the question- are we going to get legalistic about the number 5? Or are we going to humble ourselves so we can see how our community (however big or small) has significant influence regarding how we think, behave, what we consider "normal", and in decisions we make? 

Here's what we know...

Environment, matters. The impact of influence, matters. The ability to make good judgment regarding this part of human nature, matters. As parents and as leaders in the workforce, this concept matters. I like to think of it as "contagious"; we rub off on others and they, on us. Positively or negatively- attitudes, perspectives, opinions, and yes, even leadership styles, can all be contagious! 

A few years ago I had a CEO tell me he felt he was usually the smartest person in the room (during business meetings). I kindly responded, "You might need to consider an honest ego check OR you might be in the wrong rooms with the wrong people, OR all the above." Thankfully he didn't throw anything at me, but it did spark an important conversation that helped him navigate upcoming decisions and who he really had in his inner circle. 

Don't underestimate the influence and value of your inner circle- be intentional with yours. Those relationships will play a role in your life's equation, one way or another. Choose them carefully. Limit them, if necessary. Be sure your "picker isn't broke" and let time be your truth teller. But don't forget to look in your own mirror. We must be willing to take an honest evaluation at what it looks and feels like to be on the other side of us- personally and professionally.

So, what if we took inventory of who's on those branches alongside us? What if numbers don't lie and math is black and white?

I'm no mathematician nor a fortune teller, but I feel confident our closest 5 will influence the other side of the equation!

 Pick carefully.

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